dysfunctional me

Written by writeshiek33


That's how I feel,
Words in my head so clear,
I see and hear.

Why me,
Sigh why it can't be,
Longer time I write,
It really bites.

So clear,
I can in mind hear,
Complexed plots
Sigh like I have drawn the short lots.

It really unfair,
Only recently become actual aware,
The imaginations there,
But it is not coming out anywhere.

It been a long while,
Like my mind has this imagination pile,
Where to I go,
I really don't know.
This dyslexia,
I bare,
It worse,
I feel it as a curse.

At the same time,
I know in heart and mind,
I am me,
I am happy to be.

While I was a younger,
Folks would bully and bother,
Even those supposed to be like me,
But I guess I am in a different category.

Used to be that really wanted to fit,
To be part of the it,
older that older and wiser now
I discovered I am unique and they can fuck off because I don't give a cow

Keywords: fustration, inner turmoil,dyslexia,misunderstood

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Well lemme tell you that for someone who is
dyslexic, you're an incredible writer. Keep it
up, the imagination can't escape on it's own!

Out of experience? I could feel it...

so i do have competation huh?