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Written by Rogue Aristocrat


Labeling. I can't stand it. It's a phenomenon that manifests from first impressions, judgmental mindsets, superiority complexes, and an array of other useless traits and mechanisms. Yet it is unavoidable as a human habit. We need to label things in order to categorize them and order them, for the purpose of knowing things. If I didn't label the asshole that cut me off this morning then I wouldn't have remembered said asshole. It is an unfortunate necessity of human interaction and memorization.
But despite the necessity of it I have vowed to spend my life attempting to avoid labeling due to my aversion to its malignancy. Labeling and generalizing has the power to fabricate the broad concepts of racism and prejudice, or cliques that deindividualize people that otherwise have worthy unique traits. Labeling also serves to bail out those who can't otherwise connect to others, not sophisticated enough to partake in self-minded immediacy whilst still forming bonds and relationships that build upon a base of organic action instead of painstaking conformist thought.
For within these writings you will find conflicting views, actions, behaviors, and ideals according to the norms and mores of our society. Jocks aren't supposed to like science. Attractive people aren't supposed to care about depth and individualism. The affluent aren't supposed to side with transcendentalism, against the capitalistic regime that upholds their superior, lavish lifestyles, much less to feel guilty about it.
Furthermore, the human mind is simply in constant conflict. Western peoples especially put up a front of over-congruence, in which they attempt with embarrassing effort to outwardly display only a positive, well kept image that is as "superior" to as many human beings as their potential may allow. Carl Rogers successfully pointed out the detriment of such Western type mechanisms over fifty years ago but even with the advent of Humanistic therapy our incongruencies between ideal and actual self still plague millions throughout our culture everyday and by and large go unaddressed.
So more than the entertainment that I provide from this group of writings, I want you to keep in the back of your mind the fearlessness with which I indulge every aspect of my being. I am hoping this work can act as a flagship for the sake of Western thought so that we can come out from behind our emotional barriers and let our freak flags fly.

Birnbaum out

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Very outspoken...but laudable...labeling is a
plague of misinformation. The sentence "Labeling
also serves to bail out those who can't otherwise
connect to others,not sophisticated enough to..."
might sound better as "Labeling also serves as a
bailout for those who can't otherwise connect to
others; who are not sophisticated enough to...."