Written by Matt S


I stepped out
Of class one day
I thought I knew it all
But I had not found the way

I strode my proud stride
Across my campus lawn
There I noticed an old man
As helpless as a fawn

Pretended not to notice
No sad sight to see
But it was all for naught
For he did notice me

Never before
And hopefully never again
Will I see such a sad sight
As I did see then

A loud, aged cough
Did escape his chest
It quite startled me indeed
And I would not return to rest

"Youngest of men," wheezed he
As his chest began to swell
"There is something you must know
And something I must tell."

He coughed a mighty cough
Shook his whole frame
I have met strangers before
But this was not the same

I cautiously approached
This ancient sage
Sat down next to him
And he turned the page

"I have been here before,"
He began, staring out
"I have been here before,
And now I have no doubt.

You see I was once young
And as carefree as thee
But certain things must occur
For all this to be."

If I had any thought
As to what I would miss
I would surely have left
For ignorance is bliss.

"Something happened to me
One most important day
You must remember what is told
And listen to what I say.

When I was younger
And age hadn't yet gripped me
I attended this university
In hopes of a degree.

Class began
And then I was at rest
My mind became bored
And then I was blessed

I saw a clock
Sitting on the wall
The second hand moved
But the others not at all.

This troubled me little
For surely it was a mistake
But I became worried as I thought
No cause for it to break

I turned my head
Swiveled it 'round and 'round
To see if this problem
Caused any others to frown

But to my surprise and dismay
It seemed to affect no one
The teacher was speaking and teaching
But the students wrote down none

I rose from my seat
Quite disturbed at the situation
And ran outside the building
To check if it was imagination

My heart steadied and calmed
And lost its rapid pace
For everything seemed normal
And the blood returned to my face

The sound of chirping birds
Caught my attention
They chirped and chirped
Seeking some care and affection

But as time went on
And the sound grew no different


was apparent to me
That their mother was indifferent

'Why, o why, would their
Mother abandon them so?
For without nourishment
They can never grow.'

But time flowed
And no change came about
My heart raced again
As the birds continued to shout

I raised my head to the sky
And saw the floating white ships
The wind blew and blew
But their anchors stayed fixed

Terrified now, alarmed and scared
I was walked briskly away
I did not know where I was going
But here I could not stay

I walked on and on
And longed to see
Some sort of change
A turning of a key

But the effects of time
No longer had reign
Time, it went on, but our world
Attempts of progress were in vain

The waves came and went
In their rhythmic bath
But the tide, it never changed,
Never changed its path

People drove and drove
But never reached a destination
Others talked and talked
With no resolution to conversation

The scientists held their experiments
Which never concluded
The priest's prayers never brought him closer
In his place secluded

On and on I walked
The sun blistered me all day
Yet after hours of heat
It never went on its way.

Young man, you must understand
How absolutely terrified I was
Everything in this world
Seemed like it had no cause

Eventually my mind and body
Came at a place to rest
Nothing was familiar
And here I was blessed

For a voice came to me
From source unknown
But it filled my head
With all that should be known

Time is forever, and will not stop
In us lies the responsiblity
To continue and advance
To grow into a land of fertility

Fertility of mind and thought
You must understand
That apathy and stillness of thought
Leaves life so very bland

Dynamic growth
And positive revolution
Improves us all
And is the only solution

You must heed this advice
And spread it to all
Do not become stagnant
Or man will fall

So the voice spoke to me
And I awoke again, in my bed
Dream or not, what mattered most
Was what I heard said."

So the old man finished,
Letting out a last violent cough.
He slowly raised himself to his feet
And began to walk off.

"Son, do not forget what
You have now learned.
Spread the word, let it be known
That with growth we should all be concerned."



I was left, mouth agape
And sat there in my somber state.
I knew what was next, what I must do
Is spread the story, and pass it on to you.


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most beautifully written, a tapestry of mesmerism
indeed, I will read more of your work...Keith.

Well done. I wanted it to continue.

well written

Interesting! especially how it begins and ends...

Awesome flow through out and like the moral behind
the words and in the story. I agree we all have to
grow and keep moving or time will pass us by.