Written by Triqtaq


5 2...... barley there.
there she was with the curly hair.
a piece of life... the breath of air.
she became....the half i share.

a palm to hold...what was precious, the most!
a time to spend...can never be seen, to end!
a touch to tingle.... a hand to hold
felt like home.... my butterflies, a story told.

a smile makes it worth the wait
ill reach out.... for the angel, its never too late.
wrap my arms around the grace.... of her
share what only belongs....... to her

an empty side always remains.. on a sofa, bench, a bed or a chair
forever will be..... to keep it the same.... i dare
sadness my friend... distance my enemy.... future my hope
in my heart now..... with a tear to show..... and future my hope

letters never assemble to be fair.
to when the hollow part becomes aware.
when it twirls inside your gut
right there in the middle....you know she is a must.

a broken wing..... the heart that flies.
the lonely dark corner..... the wounded lies.

in a small amount..... as big as it can be
the world blurs around you.... for me to see
flaw me to perfection..... cause she,
belongs to me!!!!!


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