Reiterations and Expansions of the Citizen Kane Perspective

Written by Rogue Aristocrat


John Abrams was always a fairly normal individual in terms of consciousness. True, John Abrams was an exceptional individual in many ways. He had accumulated over one billion dollars in wealth, both in equity as well as cash assets, by the time he was only thirty years old. He had written several best selling books on investing and ways to outrun market interest rates, if by only margins, which in turn would mainly assist the already well established, turning their millions into extra millions. He had opened several successful, multi million dollar businesses, beginning with his New York night club, Esoteric, also including his wholesale business, his interpreting business, as well as his purchase of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team. His business interests had been conglomerated under one large corporation, Abrams Inc., which was opened to the public in 2006, and had risen steadily and profitably. Abrams continues to expand his monopolies into new areas of business every year. But in terms of consciousness, self awareness, and existential thought, Abrams was no different than most Americans, either now, or historically. Abrams never stopped to think to himself just how he arrived at all of the success that he's been able to garner. Maybe he's always assumed that he would become a successful businessman. Maybe he mechanically pursued these interests at all costs, despite the result. Many people have speculated into how Abrams has become such a successful businessman.
Abrams, being an enigma of Western, Industrialized economies, has done much public speaking, as well as many interviews with important media figureheads. All of the interviews, of course, are different, with their nuance of character being imbued through the interviewer, his or her approach, whether they are genial, deferential, obsequious perchance, or chaste, liberally indignant towards Abrams and big business in general. Some interviews focused on his past, some his future, some his present. To be sure there is much opinion of Abrams, both by the media, as well as the American public, and being that so much of the world lives vicariously and inextricably through America, it seemed that most everyone had something to say about Abrams.
"Forbes has listed you number four out of the top fifty business men of all time in their most recent listing. You ability to turn a dollar into a hundred has been unprecedented."
"Well, inflation," Abrams blubbered, blushing, reclined in his tall


chair. The interviewer, tall, dark, stark black hair, prostrated forward.
"What has been your secret," the interviewer for Fox News smiled abnormally. "What was rolling around in your head when you opened Esoteric, and the rest of the ventures you embarked upon following?"
"Well, I was fortunate Jim. I was fortunate," he said with feigned modesty, fingers lightly touching in front of him, flirting with clasping his hands yet keeping them at inches of distance. "I had a good idea, but more importantly, I had a way to execute, and," he pointed his finger out towards the right and up, cocking his head wryly, "I had the capital."
There were other interviewers, those of whom cast quite a different brand of light onto Abrams illustrious business career. Though they discussed the exact same topics, in general, the tone and outcome were quite different.
"Many people have attributed your success to original contingencies, with not much of the credit going to your business acumen or aplomb."
Abrams nods his head, his eyes betraying a viciousness, that he would have words for such an accusation. Remember, Abrams is not any more perceptive or enlightened than the average man. The blond interviewer for NBC continued, the backlight shining distantly off her sprayed head.
"Esoteric, for example, your first enterprise. Many maintain that without your inheritance, which has been traced all the way back to headright grants from colonial America, where would you have gotten the capital to instigate such a venture?" The interviewer punctuated the accusatory inquiry with a sidelong glance, goading a ratings-ignited response. Abrams simply breathed deeply, his eyes burning with a discombobulated response, his anger thwarting organized thought and retaliation against such libel.
"I have - I'm - the extraordinary efforts that - that have been put forth. The attention to detail that was necessary in lifting Esoteric above the muck, to separate it from the infinitude of entertainment clubs in New York. To invest is simple, cowardly damn near. To invest in yourself, in your own business, your own company," Abrams spat viciously, "that's courage, determination, devotion. I poured my blood into that business. Anyone can seize capital. Anyone can come up with an idea. But to employ it, to battle through the invisible, unforeseen barriers and obstacles, to overcome - that's business."
There were hundreds, thousands of interviews. Some on one end, some on


another, others in between. The devotees prostrated, the skeptics and liberalists questioned and scrutinized. Abrams' disposition was dependent on that of the interviewer, like the interplay of transference and countertranference between patient and shrink. His emotions swung like a heavy pendulum with unparalleled inertia. To one interviewer he'd curse at the notion that his wholesale connections were established with less than kosher procedure. To another he'd admit that the success of Esoteric was highly predicated on his companionship to the man who had previously owned the property, who had cut him a nice deal in a prime Manhattan location, thus spurring possibly the entirety of his illustrious career. To one media affiliate his family was a shining example of American class and morality, to another his brood was simply a group of pedantic classists with dormant substance abuse problems and an inability to properly emote and communicate towards one another. Between all of these interviews and speeches and media diatribes, Abrams allowed the pendulum of his expedient emotions to swing unabated.
At the age of forty-seven Abrams was diagnosed with an ulcer. His stay in the hospital was questioned ubiquitously by the economic media heads. Was he over the hill? Was the pressure of Abrams Inc. getting to him? Even in the hospital, where the main focus should be wellness and convalescence, Abrams was unable to escape public opinion. He remained glued to the television, the computer, begging the nurses and his family to allow just one more minute with the television on, just one more minute to see if they had anything to say about him. He'd call in his associates and they'd apprehensively update him of the goings on, both in the office as well as the gossip and heresy on the streets. When his family came in he was often too busy to pay any heed to them. They would be forced to wait by him as he mulled over the posterity of his legacy. He'd make many press releases over the course of a week, both self conscious as well as asymptotic to his real desire, to be settled with the efficacy of his ambition.
His ulcer grew worse. He began to develop searing stomach pains, beyond that of which could be considered only a basic ulcer. Weeks went by, the pain increasing, his ability to refrain from the news, the media, the public opinion, waning, his willpower eradicated, tied linearly with the decline of his welfare. Finally, with the television on NBC news, with


one eye still open, fighting relentlessly to convert visual stimuli into cognitive relevance, he died in the hospital, his appendix having burst into shreds of disuse. For all of Abrams' ability to turn a dollar into a hundred, he was equally unable to question even the most simple dynamics of human life and existence, from which, if he had, he would have been able to derive the conclusion; it is what it is, and then to go from there.

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