• Does this website cost any money to join?
    No! Composite Minds is absolutely free of charge.

  • Is there a limit to how many works I can submit?
    No, feel free to submit everything you want to.

  • I'm worried about forfeiting my copyright ownership of the work I submit, or have concerns about someone plagiarizing the work I submit. How are we (the authors) protected?
    Composite Minds is entirely dedicated to protecting the rights of our users. Every piece of work that is submitted to the website is the intellectual property of its author. See our Copyright Policy and Terms of Use for more information about copyright ownership.

  • I think someone has plagiarized something I've written or has submitted plagiarized work. What do I do?
    Plagiarism is something we take very seriously. Any works that are suspected of plagiarism should be reported immediately to Composite Minds at our Report Abuse page. Even if you are uncertain, please report it to us so we can investigate the matter further.

  • How does the Composite Minds Magazine work?
    Composite Minds will publish a monthly electronic magazine featuring highlighted works submitted on the website from the past month. It will be available to download in PDF format from the website. Eventually Composite Minds plans to expand the magazine to a print format. Stay tuned!

    All works submitted to the website are eligible for publication (unless the author should decline consideration). Final inclusion into the monthly publication will be determined by the number of 'Likes' a work receives or by other criteria as determined by the Composite Minds staff. Others will be notified before the magazine is created if they have been selected for the monthly publication.

    See our Magazine page for more information.

  • Someone is spamming my mail message or writing inappropriate comments on my work. What can I do?
    Visit our Report Abuse page and submit it to Composite Minds. We will look into the matter and take action if required to ensure that the indiscretions do not continue. Users can also delete unwanted comments from their work pages.

  • How do I advertise with Composite Minds?
    Composite Minds would love to have you advertise with us. Please visit our Advertise page for more information or contact David at advertising@compositeminds.com.

  • What's next for Composite Minds?
    Composite Minds is constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve our service to our members. Contact Us if there is a feature or function that you feel would improve your Composite Minds experience!

  • I have a question/comment that hasn't been addressed here. How do I get in touch with Composite Minds?
    Composite Minds would love to hear any feedback from our users and will diligently try to answer all questions. Please Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.